Recap of Spokenya 2016

Posted on July 26, 2016 · Posted in Uncategorized

At the 7th annual Spokenya Race we raised a net of $18,000 for Spring of Hope. We will be using the funds to drill a well! Many people in Kenya live miles from a source of clean water, so they spend their day fetching water. Bringing a well closer allows them to free up their time for other activities, such as earning income through farming or another small business.

At the race this year, many people were interested in carrying a bucket of water the last 100 meters through the finish line. It is definitely a unique challenge. The water buckets have become our signature. It gives people an experience. They can appreciate what it would be like to be a woman in Kenya, carrying water back home all day.

Additionally, several people at the Spokenya race have expressed that they would like to go on a trip to Kenya with Spring of Hope. Spring of Hope has been working with four area chiefs, establishing a regional water committee which will serve over 35,000 people. There is lots to see for those wishing to visit Kenya. We are in the process of putting together a trip for next June. Please pray that these plans would come together and that people would be able to take the trip.

Highlights at the 2016 race:

  • 560 participants plus 80 volunteers were able to participate
  • 6 new children were sponsored through our child sponsorship program
  • About 50 High School athletes competed for the second annual CAL High School Cup, earning $1,000 for their school program
  • Medals for top three finishers in each age group, male and female
  • Hand-carved statues from Kenya for the overall winners

The weather was great, no injuries, and we celebrated unity in the Lord. It was a great day! Together, we are empowering lives… one miracle at a time.